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What makes YouTube Most Powerful Traffic Source?

  • Video platform with Highest Engaging Users
  • Passionate & Intended Users
  • Largest Growing Search Platform
  • 87% Marketers use Video Content
  • 73% Users Buy Online by watching a Video
  • Over 1 Billion users a month
  • Over 4 Billion Monthly Searches
  • Around 4 Billion Video Views a day!!
  • 100 Hours of Video Uploaded each hour!
  • Most Converting Traffic Source on Web
  • Most Influencing Website for users

Why Video Marketing is The Leading Key of Conversions on Web?

  • Video engages Users like nothing else can do!
  • 75% Better Conversions Happens after watching a Video
  • Review Videos really help users to Buy Online
  • YouTube says: Mobile Users rises 100% Every Year
  • 87% Marketers online uses videos content
  • 96% B2B organizations uses videos
  • 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching a video
  • 86% Collages and Universities have their presence at Youtube
  • 92% Mobile Video users share Youtube Videos with others
  • 59% People watch Videos rather than Reading content.

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What Really Stops You to make money, sales and leads from YouTube?

  • You can’t rank Video Easily in Hours
  • SEO takes a lot of time
  • Making or Producing a Quality Video is very tough job
  • Will it bring Enough Traffic to your Website/Business?
  • What if your video gets Deranked?
  • What if users reported your Video Content?
  • What if you get a Video Strike?
  • Tons of Competition
  • Time Consuming Process

And what if you Pass All Those Hurdles?

Some one else will beat you easily
Videos keep Shuffling
Niche may Die after some time.

And, once again same tons of Time Again to Rankup Your New Video!!

Why to Take all those Risks?

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  • Stop Making Videos
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Manage Multiple Accounts
Manage proxies if you want to use
Manage Human Behaviors Algorithms
Ban Proof Technology
Setup your own Custom Email Format
Setup Link ignorance for the videos with links like facebook, instagram, etc.

Automatic Messanging
Your Own Custom email and Out Reach Template
Predefined Proven Templates
Spun Text Supported
Dynamic Tokens like Name Of YouTube channel, Company Name, Your Name

  • Manage Multiple Accounts
  • Manage proxies if you want to use
  • Manage Human Behaviors Algorithms
  • Ban Proof Technology
  • Setup your own Custom Email Format
  • Setup Link ignorance for the videos with links like facebook, instagram, etc.

Most Advanced YouTube Filters
Filters like sort video by View, Rate, Likes, Country,Upload Date etc

Custom Video Urls
If you want to add your own Pre Defined Videos to Hook On yes you can!

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